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Sat, Nov. 30th, 2002, 01:46 pm
ah and my weekend progresses.

So let me see.
Holly and I went and picked up Amanda and Brea.
We stopped along the way and I met Amanda's Boyfriend
eh he was quite but what is he gonna say to me anyway...
So we got home and Brea and Tristan stayed here and
Holly, Amanda, and I went to Joellen's house we ate until we couldn't move
which was fun
came home and the phone kept ringing LATE at night with some serious crazies...
The first guy said he was from Taco Mayo in Shawnee saying that I owed them money
This convo was pretty fucking funny since I don't know anyone in Shawnee.
Well that isn't fair I know people there but nobody I speak with cause they are all insane.

So anyway two more calls the last one was for Holly which was very disturbing.
Holly and I finally came to the conclusion that it was all Maria..
our friendly neighborhood stalker.
its so nice to have one.
I had forgotten how crazy it was to have a stalker since Paul died and Holly was missing all the action of that stalking so now we have a shared stalker.
what fun.

Then Yesterday we just hung out and watched movies...All of us
then last night we went out.
Holly, Brian, and Myself
what a fucking flash back that was
it was insane
how does a straight guy think he is gonna get pussy in a gay bar is beyond me
I didn't understand that one at all
Anyway we watched the queen's of comedy this morning then Dad came by and swooped up Holly so now it is just me and the kids...
I am still so confused about having kids here that aren't mine..
Not important.