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Sat, Jul. 10th, 2004, 12:23 am
for Casey

I wish I were awake at the moment to say something halfway intelligent.
{Babble follows}
Sometimes, people drift away; you can sit and wonder what happened to them, come up with all sorts of mishaps or happy tales but in the end you just never know where they went or why. 35 weeks ago, you wrote about being Happy, about the last time you could remember it anyway, where have you gone? My funny lolavalentin?  I often wonder if you are ok, or if you are alive even.
I need you to know that I miss and love you for the wonderful person you are, and the wonderful person you will continue to be over time.

Our passage in this world may not leave a huge mark somewhere for others to see, but in our own memories we are infamous.

I love and miss you honey